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Welcome to Adtecsupport.com

The first attempt by the Adtec Digital technical support team to make tips, tricks, FAQs, and other support knowledge available to the public, specifically through our new knowledge base. You the user will be able to subscribe to RSS feeds for notification of new articles, rate the usefulness of articles, and if you register on the knowledge base site, can leave comments. So feel free to visit our knowledge base (QandA, FAQ, Tips, Tricks) or the existing adtecinc support page (manuals, firmware).

Adtec Digital

The knowledgebase is a supplemental tool to existing support information and is not intended to replace it. The existing support site will still need visitation for firmware updates, manuals, and legacy documentation. The knowledgebase will be focused on covering newer generation products.

2014-08-14 Update: Adtec is always creating new products to help provide end to end solutions for our partners. Please visit the www.adtecdigital.com site to stay up to date with our latest products. The EN-20, EN-30, EN-91P, EN-100, DTA-3050, DPI-1200, RD-30, RD-60 and RD-70 include some of our current offerings with robust IP I/O and integrated DVB-S/DVB-S2/DVB-S2X mod/demod hardware options. We are always working on features so contact your sales person if we don't show a solution on our site. Thank you and have a wonderful Adtec experience!

useful utilities:
IP Subnet calculator at subnet-calculator.com
PuTTY, telnet/ssh/serial connectivity client.
Filezilla FTP connectivity to our units (get the client), they also have a server useful for integration/mirroring modes.
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Changing AVC entropy coding methods can help video quality at certain bit-rates. CABAC vs CAVLC Context adaptive binary arithmetic coding and context adaptive variable coding length coding.
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